HR-XML Stuff

NOTE: The namespace has changed to — if you still use the old one, you will need to update your HR-XML file.


The HR-XML Consortium develop and promote a set of standardized XML vocabularies for human resources tasks.

Among a vast variety of other schemata, they develop what could be considered to be the only "standard" schema for writing resumés in XML format. This was what brought my attention to HR-XML in the first place, and it turns out their schema is actually pretty good (although it could definitely use some improvement in quite a few places!)



I have written a bunch of stylesheets for transforming HR-XML into other formats.

The current version of the stylesheets could be considered to be in alpha release. Many elements are as yet unsupported, but the majority is there and simply needs some more cleaning up.

The stylesheets are licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence. This licence allows you to use the stylesheets and derive them to fit your needs, as long as you give the original author (me) credit, and as long as any distribution of your derived version is released under the same licence.


The eventual aim here is to transform an HR-XML resumé into various useful formats for viewing or printing. The number of formats could get quite large... at the moment, I think that XHTML, XSL:FO, WordML and perhaps RTF are the main contenders.

In addition to this, I eventually want to provide the ability to output different layouts and differing amounts of detail, and it doesn't take long to realise that four levels of detail with four different formats is sixteen different styles.

So what I do at the moment, is I use an intermediate mark-up language. I transform the stylesheets into this language, and then I transform this language into the various supported mark-ups.

The intermediate language happens to be the version of XHTML2 from the current draft. I will update it as the XHTML2 draft progresses towards being a W3C Recommendation.

Stylesheet Files

Here are the files which make up the stylesheet: