Resume for Daniel Noll

I'm a software engineer in Sydney, Australia.

I have been writing software professionally since 1999, though I was writing it as a hobby since I was about 10 years old. My current placement is with Nuix, developing primarily in Java with some Ruby and C++ on the side. I would much rather be working in Ruby full time, but I have a fear that if I do that, I might start to dislike it.

Broadly, my objective is to find opportunities which best fit my interests, skills and experience, yet which still offer new challenges. At present I'm in employment at a good company so I will probably be looking to move only if the company somehow ties into my primary interest, being instant messaging.

My other interests lie in Japanese popular culture and "chatbot" software.

Professional Experience

Nuix Pty Ltd
Senior Software Engineer, 2004-07-01 ~ present

Performed as a senior member of the software engineering team. At the time I joined the team was two people. At the time of writing (2010-10-16) the team is seven people.

During my previous time at Nuix, I had been responsible for building much of the initial version of "FBI" (Fact-Based Investigation), the company's forensic investigation software. During this second phase, there was some maintenance done on version 1 on this software, but shortly after we began work on version 2 which ultimately became known as Nuix Desktop.

Primary responsibilities:

Elkera Pty Limited
Software Engineer, 2003-10-06 ~ 2004-06-30

Elkera's main products are document and knowledge management software.

Primary responsibilities:

Nuix Pty Ltd
Software Engineer, 2002-09-16 ~ 2003-09-30

In my first time at Nuix, the company was developing would I would describe as a web-based compliance platform. The team was big at the time, although I can't clearly remember how big it was around 10 in the main development area and more in testing.

Most of the work in this time was bug fixes for this application, and a few smaller new features.

Primary responsibilities:

Badger Software Engineering
Contract for Macquarie Bank Limited, 2003-11-20 ~ 2004-02-10

This was a short contract designing and developing a prototype instant messaging system for a trader support centre, based on the needs of the bank at the time.

They wanted to base a system on open source technologies so I ended up writing a system using jabberd as the chat server, Tomcat as the web server, and some custom code to tie the webapp to the Jabber service. This was really my first commercial experience writing an instant messaging application. In addition to the IM feature itself, I also developed a system for distributing incoming requests between members of a workgroup, long before the XEP for doing such things was written.

Access Systems Research
Software Engineer for Access Gaming Systems, Asia/Pacific, 1999-09 ~ 2001-12

Access Gaming System is a developer of systems for online casinos.

Primary responsibilities:

Macquarie Dictionary
Web Site Architect for Macquarie Dictionary Online, 1999-03 ~ 1999-08

Primary responsibilities:

Bruce Hall (Australian National University)
Webmaster, 1998-03 ~ 1998-11

Webmaster for the Bruce Hall web site, entailing setup of multiple user web accounts on the web server, administration tasks (Apache) and administration of the web site itself, primarily Perl-generated HTML.

Procode Development
Programmer, 1997-11 ~ 1998-01

Development of commercial web site including basic secure ordering system (HTML, Perl, CGI.) Additionally some fun programming using PC BIOS calls to draw text-based graphics for boot screens.


Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering), Australian National University, 1996-03 ~ 1998-11

South Australian Certificate of Education, Prince Alfred College, 1994 ~ 1995


References are available on request.

Last updated: 2010-10-16